serene In Limbo

by Able Thought

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    "serene In Limbo" on a 12" Vinyl Record. Comes with a Free CD of serene In Limbo and 8 Limited Edition Silkscreen Posters (One for each song) also includes a Free immediate download of "Places"

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    digital album releases 09 December 2014
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Between The Trees
In Limbo
Night Drive
From Space


A love for a bare-bones, honest, intimate journey as in Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago, King Krule’s 6 Feet Beneath the Moon or Youth Lagoon’s The Year Of Hibernation will be the same force that will draw fans to Able Thought’s serene In Limbo. Looking to the lyrics, like these from the track “Canyons” “The dreams that dwell/ Moral that melts/ The thoughts that make my brain swell/ It helps me understand whats underneath” we get a glimpse into the two years of self discovery that transformed constantly evolving material into the tracks we hear. The title of the album serene In Limbo describes the album vividly. The serene being the chilled out stereo manipulating vocals and consistent guitar picking melodies (produced by his electronically self-updated nylon string guitar), surrounded by the swelling, dark, unpredictable beats that bring a bit of chaos for the melodies to reside in. (ala in limbo). Bringing all the chaos to an abrupt stop sporadically we get the howling falsetto Ooo’s as in “Places” and “Shooting Stars From Outer Space” that speak just as clearly as the lyrics (maybe even more-so) to the intimate journey of self understand that Able Thought’s serene In Limbo is.


releases 09 December 2014

A self produced album by Able Thought



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Track Name: Places
No one knows just what they mean to me
I come off as ungrateful & often mean
But inside I will fall apart, expose & rot & scream & bleed
Noone knows just if they mean to me

Ill feel eventually

My lovers fall for me in the beginning
They find me confusingly interesting
But when they can't get in my dreams
And look and find everything they need
They leave and leave and leave me on my knees

Ill feel eventually

You only exists in dreams and memories
In all of which we'd love and fall asleep
Ill look at her curiously
And wonder if i am as confusing
You only exist in places we cannot be

Ill feel eventually